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isolation [04 Nov 2009|05:51pm]
null & void
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rollio's [24 Oct 2009|05:32am]
So, someone, i'll say their name is ben, got a batch of "paul frank" monkey logo rolls from south florida and they are sooo clean. Ben went to my friends house and covered the whole floor in pillows, and invited 6 people over.

After 30 minutes ben and his friends began feeling what would be the best rolling experience they ever had. Ben was the only person there that wasn't friends with everyone, he was only friends with greg and tracy, but about an hour into it the group became a family. Ben never thought he would find such clean, empathetic rolls since most now are bunk, but ben had an experience he will never forget, and took like 10 showers that night lol (dont worry, bens not a whore, everyone had underwear on). Ben thinks these were pure mdma with a subtle hint of amphetamine, and ben only says this because as they wore off, it became increasingly clear that he would not sleep. All in all ben rates these rolls as 9/10 and is planning on doing them again. what a night.

So, If your planning on rolling, then ben said to definetly try to get these. The imprint is inward, not outward, and the colors are generally purple, green, orange, or red. They should taste bitter, not sour or sweet.

Heres a picture since no one bothered to take one @ the party:

Closing: To bad all rolls aren't this clean.
If they were, or if the government deregulated mdma, then there wouldn't be as many drug related deaths, as I'm sure most of you know, the US is becoming saturated with bzp and other research chemicals that can cause some serious health problems and death.
Ben has taken a bad roll before, and tested possitive for PCP. This was after around 20 hours of blacking out and semi-sezuiring. Ben was grateful that his life was not taken away, and was deeply concerned for those who had taken the bad ones with him. Ben hopes that good rolls will stick around, and will only take these fantastic paul frank rolls from now on.
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music blog: rdfrnds [21 Sep 2009|03:17am]

garage, post-punk, punk, psychedelic, 90's hardcore, ambience, indie releases and old albums.


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I missed this show. now its back, yay!

Other great shows:
1. Dexter. No other show beats this, really. New season in a few months.
2. Breaking Bad. Close #2, underrated. its back on AMC in spring.
3. Stella. Michael Ian Black and crew sketch comedy. Cancelled about 4 years ago, but its on hulu.
4. Michael and Michael have issues. Basically the new version of stella, also sketch comedy.

Shows I don't get:
1. Entourage.
Whats fun about watching an actor being followed around by his 3 best friends and watching them being subservient like their his "bitches?" I guess the appeal is that they are rich and living in Hollywood? Come on, you can dream bigger than that America!
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fuck fuck fucked. [17 Sep 2009|03:00am]
see subject. (rant on money)

I started off this semester with a 2000 dollar loan. After being robbed at gun point, paying two months rent, and buying books (among other unnecessary things) I have 200 dollars to my name, and I still need 100$ for Octobers rent, and 600$ in total for both November and Decembers rent.

I looked into unsubsidized loans, and holy shit, what a death trap. 6.8% compounded MONTHLY? After a year you have almost as much interest to pay off as the loan you took out, its fucked up. I bet paying that back is like one step forward two steps way, way back, fuck I can't even imagine trying to pay that back, so I'm not going to take an unsubsidized loan.

Whats really fucked up about unsubsidized loans is that nowhere on any loan site (Even the federal stafford website) is there information on how the interest is compounded. From investigating many, many forums it seems like it is compounded monthly, but I can't really be too sure. If anyone knows for sure let me know.

Apparently, I don't qualify for need-based money, which is really fucked up cause my parents don't have any money to pay for my school, needless to say they can't really help me with rent... I have friends who are way wealthier than my family is, but they only put one parent's income (in the case of a divorced couple) and they get need based money!

I heard if your not registered as a dependent then your more inclined to get money, but I'm pretty sure you have to have been born on or prior to 1986 to be independently filed. IDK.

I'm thinking of setting up a paypal donation lol.

I've applied to over 40 places probably, and have only gotten 2 interviews. I really wish I had my subway job right now....

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yay yay! randomness [15 Sep 2009|08:21am]
I dont need to go to the methadone clinic!
I met this cool dude that just graduated who's helping me out big time!

God, it must suck always having people tell you that the only way to live a sober life is by connecting with god....
The government is always funding organizations that are supposedly for the common good, but more and more, (like crisis pregnancy centers) they are just fronts for religious and right wing agenda.

Also, I seriously have lost touch with mainstream politics....is obama doing anything?

And in my absense, has the media moved even more towards covering pop-culture rather than current events? Cause all I'm seeing is how Kanye West fucked up the VMA's, and michael jacksons face is all over the place.

Also, SKY SAXON of the proto-punk psychedelic band The Seeds died on the same day as michael jackson, and of course, there was no coverage. Sigh.

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nooooooooolandoooooooooooooo [07 Sep 2009|07:21pm]
tommorow i'm finding a job.
tomorow i'm finding a job.
Tommorow I'm finding a job.
Tommorow I'm going to write a compleat sentence without spelling a single word wrong. lol.

no but seriously.

If i don't find a job by october, I'm finishing fall semester and moving back to pompano beach.
Its not something I want to do- Its not something I'm proud of contemplating, since its essentially a cop-out, but its something that I am contemplating none-the-less.


Also, I really need to visit Gainesville and visit jdan peters, colton wayne, andrew giang, and victoria green. Sal gonzalez, I heard you are there, too. So, watch out, I'm comming soon.

all's well that end's well....
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the saga continues.... [26 Aug 2009|03:47am]
THE END OF IT ALL: A short memoir.

So, the first day of school was great- at first.

As a sophmore at my university I felt myself much less inclined to be anxious, and I actually kept my head up high walking through the hallways of the place I'm gonna be calling home for (hopefully ONLY) two more years.

I see no familiar faces, but then again, with 40,000 people in attendance, I rarely do.
Today, I think to myself, is a good day.
I arrive on time to my first class, and my withdrawals aren't too bad. The teacher seems really nice, and I'm excited to continue on with my major, which is psychology.
About half way through the class I start to feel the pains and temperature changes of what I've coined as the "physical hell"- the begining, uncomfortable stages of withdrawal that I have no one to thank for but myself. I realize that I'm probably the only one in the class with this problem, and its a bit alienating, so I decide to ditch early.

I run into a friend, and he notices I'm a little off. I tell him about a deal that I have set up later in the day- after my second class. Intreged, he asks me to explain.

Since this is the internet, the most open sore of all information, I'd rather not discuss the full details of our conversation, but for this stories purpose, I must discuss at least the general outline, leaving out names and dollar amounts.

I explained to him that this was the deal that was going to pay my rent for months to come, and one that would benefit almost everyone close to me. He asked me to explain, so I told him the plan, one that I thought would come to fruition, and one that I wasn't to nervous about at the time.

Me and my colleage were going to split a sizable amount of money and drive 3 hours south in order to meet with a vendor. This sizable amount was more than I had ever dealt with, however, I was certain that the transaction would be both solid, and expedient, since I had previously done small-time deals with our supplier before hand, of course.

The deal would go as follows: We'd pick up the supplier, who would bring us to his warehouse, not to far from his home. Simple enough right?

My friend says, yeah, sounds simple enough. Call me to tell me how it goes.

So, I go to my next class- astronomy. With the deal on my mind, and withdrawal kicking in, my anxiety led me out of the room early once again.

I get a call from my colleage, who explains to me that his half of the money is borrowed from a close friend of his. Then, I thought nothing of this. However, this was a key point that would later come and stab me right in the kneck.

I pick up my colleage, and off we go. The drive wasn't too bad since we fixed up before hand, and I controlled the tunes.

You know, the usual: black lips, buzzcocks, rudimentary peni, air, animal collective, can, and atlas sound.

When we finally get there, the supplier is waiting.
We go to his warehouse, and he wants the money up front.
No way in hell was it going down like that.
So, I convince him that It'd be better for me to come in with him.
Once inside I got really anxious, and not because they were mexicans, because white thugs are just as bad, but because they accused me of bringing fake money.
I know the supplier and his accomplices have guns, so I wasn't trying to push any buttons when I said, "Would you like me to go buy an indicator, and we'll swipe the money to make sure its real?"
The supplier's accomplice then called down, and informed me that the warehouse was to "sketchy", so we'd be completing the transaction elsewhere.

At this point, I honestly thought about taking the assets back and jetting in the car, but at this point that could have gotten me killed, not to mention my colleage and associate would have been pretty pissed off for the wasted drive.

So, in the moment of confusion, I decided to go with the supplier to another location, not to far from the first.

Once we get there, he informs me that I cannot go in with him, since it is not his humble home, but that of a friend. I reluctantly hand him the money as he assures me he would like to continue buisness for years to come.

At this point me and my colleages are anxious as we watch him enter the home, and even more so as we see the red charger with 22'' rims that was parked at the warehouse drive passed us...

why would that car come to the meeting place?

The answer was simple- to pick up our contact and steal the assets.
My colleage did not want to believe that we had lost all of the money, so we called our contact until he answered, and gave us a fairly logical explanation:

The Charger came to drop off the actual supplier, so that he and my connection could do the transaction at a remote location, ie, where we were parked.

At first, I almost bought it, but after 45 minutes of waiting and excuses we decided to check back at the warehouse.

There were no longer cars outside, and all the lights were off.

It became evident that the deal had gone sour, so I decided to cut our losses and head back north and call it a night.

It was then I decided to give up this crummy double life I'd been leading, but of course, decisions like that never come easy.

We wrote down his address before we left...and that is to be continued.

So, today, my colleage calls me crying, and says that the money he borrowed is from a dangerous person, and that person is going to blow his brains out.

I immediately went to his house, and we schedueled a meeting with this dangerous person.
I felt oddly apathetic to the whole situation while my colleage cryed his brains out about how the failed deal ruined his life.

When we get to the meeting spot, a gold cadillac pulls up, and two fairly large, muscular latinos exit both doors and rush towards ours:


So, rolling my eyes at the whole situation, and wishing I wasn't such a good friend, I reluctantly drive these lunatic thugs to my house, were they begin to threaten me over lost money.

Honestly, it wasn't really my buisness. My colleage lost their money, because he borrowed it. However, he got me in this situation, and with guns involved, I really wasn't up for any more bullshit.

So, when I saw that the conversation was going nowhere, I decided to just say fuck it, and let my colleage borrow the 500$ that he owed to the thugs.

At this point the thugs think that I'm going to call the cops. But I never planned to. In fact, I still hate cops more than I hate any of the fuckers involved in this dangerous trade. But they didn't believe me,

So one of the guys follows me to my car and makes sure I'm not using my cell phone, while the other one keeps guard at my apartment to make sure my colleage and girlfriend can't get away.

I drive with this fucking guy watching my every move, but somehow, I wasn't nervous and I didn't really care at the moment. I whistled and smiled as the thug tried to make small talk with me, and i just ignored it and told him that I just wanted them to get the fuck out of my life as soon as possible.

So, I go to the atm, pull out the money, and the fuckers finally leave.
I look my colleage square in the face as he's thanking me for saving his life, and I say,

You better fucking pay me back, that money is for my tuition goddamnit.

All day after the incident I was biting my nails, but I didn't turn to drugs. I hate opiates now. All I can think about when I think of oxy's is the scum and betrayal that comes with being a part of the underground, and I can't stand it.

I know that if he doesn't pay me back willingly, I'll still get the money. I know where he lives so its not a problem.

Its just ironic that even after all this, and even after me staying clean, I'm probably gonna have to be a thug just like everyone else in order to get my money back.

The cycle is an endless one, and I'm going to be so relieved when my money is back in my bank, and i'm out of the crummy scum fucking underground that I held so dear.

Its been a journey, and with this epic fall, I feel like I can finally begin to live a life no longer plauged by secrecy, corruption and lies.

thanks for reading,
unity peace and solidarity.
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scum bags [07 Aug 2009|06:02pm]
so i'm not trusting anyone new from now on.

the only people who get an ounce of fucking sympathy and respect from me are going to be close friends.

this is being posted minutes after I got robbed in my own fucking house because I trusted someone.

I just dont get it...you let someone hang out, think they're your friend and then they steal money from you?

if your gonna steal money, just do it up front. dont hang out in someones house like a fucking snake and then finally, after an hour, decide that you finally have enough courage to leave.

fuck joe peroni,
if your googling your own name like the egotistical bastard that you are, and you happen to stumble upon this, just remember i know where you work, and your hours.

I'm going to talk to your fucking boss soon, so good luck finding another job in this economy you scum fucking bastard.

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Spacemen 3- Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to. [30 May 2009|03:23pm]

wonderfully punk and hypnotically repetative album.
check it.


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null [29 May 2009|01:53pm]
 got robbed.

kirby (my mouse) died. 

s.florida is dead to me. 

stupid fucking dope. 

no job 

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music blog [21 May 2009|12:10am]

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1-Speed Bike- "Droopy Butt Be Gone" [20 May 2009|12:33pm]
Instrumental/experimental album by the drummer of Godspeed You Black Emperor. Largely Drum and Bass with ambient leanings. Not a boring listen. Crass/southern records inspired artwork is very misleading when compared to the actual content of the Album. All the album titles are political, yet, there are no lyrics. 

Download link: 
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LISTS [15 May 2009|11:53pm]
People i've chilled with since being here: 
Tree, chad, andrew, colton, john, sesha, katie, felicia, ricky...also, i saw eric's dumb ass and told him to fuck off, but somehow i still feel somewhat sorry for the kid- he is a huge addict and all, and his parents are complete fuckoids.  I wouldn't recommend that anyone start taking opiates, but if you haven't already, then you probably have already assessed the risks involved lol. Chilling w/ sesh and everyone was super awesome. I had a blast anyway.

akmal, felipe, diego, grant....who else...idk i guess that really covers it in terms of people of importance. I would like to see my ex-orlando BFF's again since they decided to move to FSU. (points at colleen and andrew ciffone). 

Things I need:
new needle for my record player
raccoo-oo-oon vinyl 
woods- at rear house vinyl 
mika miko- we be xuxa vinyl
clothes. Seriously, were is a good thrift store around here?
a job.
a new pair of vans classics.
100$ to pay off my debt to my ex-roomate axel
motivation to finish my novela
tape decks so that i can start mass producing rdfrnd records

Things that  have amused me recently:
the commentary on the hotrod dvd. (i was sooo bored)
Steven Colberts speech @ the white house (how did they not realize he was a satirist?) 
andrew giang
renting dvd's from publix for a dollar
the latest exceptor album "debt debt"
finding out how to download albums from rapidshare and mediafire

Things that have impacted my life greatly more recently: 

moving the fuck out of that shitty house in orlando and on to the richest house i will ever EVER live in.
meeting Jason, a survivor of lukemia and a stemcell blood transplant. He reminded me that this life is short, so I better do WHAT I WANT TO, cause majoring in something i dont want to do is pointless if I die on graduation night. 
The Unemployment rate. Its almost 10% here in florida.
Trying to analyze whether obama is  +/- 
reading about the prison system and possibly starting a sector of anarchist black cross in response. FUCK THE PRISON SYSTEM.
Getting involved in alot of illegal shit. IDK for some reason its addicting to break the law.  Lets just hope i dont get to cocky. 

Things that Im doing: 
PLAYING SHOWS OUT OF MY CAR B4 actually schedualed events.
cutting my hair.
tattoo. I'm getting reptar from rugrats riding on an old fashioned a-symmetrical bike. 
getting psyched to see black dice.
maybe going to pitchfork fest even though they are assholes (fests are always fun, sue me.)

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RADFRNDS TAPES and RECORDS [10 May 2009|11:27am]
Hey everyone!
I just wanted to spread the word about my DIY record label/distro that I'm setting up.

The Link is here:  www.myspace.com/radicalfriends

Soon there will be releases on Tape and Cd, and hopefully, 7'' in the future, but that looks a little bleak now considering Vinyl prices have skyrocketted due to commercial interest in vinyl being on the rise....also, record companies probably figured out that they'd make no money selling cd's so they may as well sell vinyl again.

Whatever. DIY and DIE.

Heres to the health of the R.F and our music community!  
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ALBUM: WOMEN [04 May 2009|03:24pm]
<b>Women- Women</b>

Weird lo-fi stuff, kindove like the ladies...lots of ambience, but never boring. I don't know, I think the music explains it better. Really interesting, though.

<img src="http://www.canyouseethesunset.com/uploaded_images/women-album.jpg" width="250" />

for your listening pleasure via mediafire download (zip, takes like 1/2 a minute only)



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Album: Psychedelic Horseshit- Magic Flowers Droned (2008) [24 Apr 2009|09:45pm]
Hello Everyone, I recently picked up a great album on vinyl by a band called psychedelic horseshit. Whats interesting about them is that they are way, way more talented than half of the hyped-up lo-fi indiepunk thats been comming out lately. Everyone wants to be the velvet underground mixed with shoegaze. Yet, they don't seem to get a lot of credit. Anyway, this is a great album so give it a listen.

So, here it is:

Psychedelic Horseshit- Magic Flowers Droned (2008)

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1IBG7AC7
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RDFRNDS MUSIC COMP [19 Apr 2009|11:03pm]
Yoo I'm looking for solo artists that have demos of every quality.

I'm planning on doing a comp of lo-fi solo artists as the first release from my record label RAD FRNDS, so ANYONE with demo's hit me up.

If this turns out good, I will most likely be pressing 7'' vinyl with 6 songs for the label.
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Band Myspace [17 Apr 2009|12:28am]

3 demos by only me (guitar, bass, stand up drums, effect laced vocals, microkorg)
1 demo by me and shaina (woohoo fuck you)

all of these will probably be redone once i get my new house in july. (big garage, making it a studio ghetto style w/ some matresses)


once i get all my shit together i wanna do some house shows.

lsd+rad frnds+ your party!
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New Song by me [14 Apr 2009|04:07pm]
my moniker is RADICAL FRIENDS from now on.

here is my new song:


hope you enjoy! Its called Darkwave Heartake
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